Corporate Tax Havens - British Virgin Islands - Kinsella Tax

Corporate Tax Havens Index – Britain Is The Worst In The World

The UK has come out on top as the biggest enabler of corporate tax dodging worldwide. The Corporate Tax Dodging index ranks the world’s biggest corporate…
12 Ways HMRC can find out if you have been cheating them out of tax!

12 Ways HMRC Can Tell If You Have Been Cheating Them Out Of Tax!

12 Ways HMRC can Catch You Out HMRC area canny lot. They have a nose for sniffing out a tax cheat. So how do they do…
6 Tax Benefits of Buying A Furnished Holiday Let

6 Tax Advantages of Buying A Furnished Holiday Let (FHL)

Looking For A Tax Efficient Way Of Buying To Let? What About Furnished Holiday Lets (FHLs) The government has been cracking down on the tax advantages…
Exotic Tax Evasion Scheme - Kinsella Tax

‘They’re all at it’ Says Solicitor Struck Off For Exotic Tax Evasion Scheme

We have posted about the culpability of professional organisations such as banks, accountants and solicitors being complicit in their clients’ tax evasion under new money laundering…

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