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Fighting HMRC for you – the taxpayer

By August 27, 2015January 4th, 2016No Comments

Have you entered into a Tax Avoidance Scheme?

Has your company entered into a Tax Avoidance Scheme? 

Have you received an Accelerated Payment Notice?

  • Film Partnerships
  • Employer Benefit Trusts
  • Stamp Duty Schemes
  • Pension Schemes
  • Share Loss Relief Schemes

All are tax avoidance schemes

KinsellaTax are at the forefront of arranging settlement opportunities for you the client with HMRC specialist offices dealing with settlement’s of tax schemes.

Advantages of settling with HMRC

  • No pentalties/less penalties
  • Less interest
  • Time to pay over longer periods
  • Less stress
  • Moving forward with your business and personal life

Disadvantages of not settling with HMRC

  • Being classed as a serial avoider of tax
  • Prosecution
  • Large penalties
  • Interest
  • Bankruptcy

The longer you leave it the less chance you have for a settlement with HMRC.

Call us now and speak to our specialist dedictated team who deal directly with HMRC and settlement opportunities.

Direct office
0800 471 4546

Cheshire office
6 Parkway, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1LS
London office
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