Code of Practice 11

At KinsellaTax we know that a self assessment investigation into your income tax returns can be worrying and can put a toll on your health and personal relationships.

Self Assessment Tax Investigation, Code of Practice 11 ( COP 11 ) That is why we are here. We will take the stress and strain away from an investigation, allowing you to get on with what you do best; running your own life.

An investigation into your income tax returns is usually carried out under Code of Practice 11 procedures. However, if an investigation into your self assessment return is carried out under Code of Practice 9 then the taxman suspects you of serious tax fraud.

Code of Practice 11 deals with investigations carried out by Local Compliance Offices into income tax returns.

They may be full or aspect enquiries.

A full Code of Practice 11 investigation is as it sounds; an investigation into every point in the return.

Aspect enquiries are used when only three or four points are raised in the return.

Aspect enquiries can turn into a full investigation at any time, so care must be taken in dealing with an aspect enquiry in order that it doesn’t turn into a full investigation.

HMRC, on occasions, select self assessment returns at random to run checks to see if anything is wrong which would not be apparent at first glance.

HMRC can look back into the previous 6 years’ returns but if they suspect serious fraud they may access the previous 20 years under Taxes Management Act 1970 S. 36.

Dealing with investigations is our specialty and we always fight tooth and nail to ensure all of our clients get a fair settlement and fair penalties.

All self assessment investigations will be dealt with by us through our offices.

If your returns are under self assessment investigation by HMRC you should always seek advice from a specialist.

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