Proceeds Of Crime Act 2002

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 UKThe Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) is a parliamentary act which provides the ability to recover the proceeds of crime from evasion. However, other assets can be recovered. It is the principal money laundering legislation in the UK.

If you had £10,000 cash, which you gained through evasion, and mixed it with £5,000 of your hard-earned (legitimate) cash to buy a car for £15,000, the whole thing is ‘contaminated’.

This means the car could be confiscated as proceeds of crime, even if it was not purchased purely by money from tax evasion.

UK Tax evasion is a crime

Anything you buy with money from evasion can be seized through the Proceeds of Crime Act. This could include your home, car and business.

If you have committed tax evasion, or if HMRC suspects you have, you need to get specialist representation before it is too late.

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