An investigation into your personal tax return is highly stressful and time-consuming.

With KinsellaTax on your side, this need not be the case.

We will take complete control of your investigation.

We are here to carry the stress and strain on our own shoulders rather than yours.

HMRC have sent me a letter with Section 9A TMA 1970 on it, what does this mean?

If an investigation is opened into your personal return, you will receive a letter, typically from HMRC’s local compliance offices, quoting Section 9A TMA 1970.

Uk personal tax return This is simply a formal notice of enquiry which allows HMRC to conduct an investigation into your personal return and can be issued up to 12 months after the filing date of the personal return they are looking into.

It may be that HMRC wish to investigate specific points of your return or will investigate the tax return as a whole.

You will be informed of this within the initial letter you receive from HMRC quoting Section 9A TMA 1970.

A full investigation into a return will normally include an examination of all business records and HMRC may request a meeting with you.

There is no legislation that requires you to attend an interview with HMRC under a Section 9A TMA 1970. We do not allow clients to attend interviews with HMRC whilst they are under investigation. We look upon these interviews as phishing expeditions by HMRC and there is no reason at all why you should attend. We tell HMRC just that on your behalf.

If an HMRC officer wishes to make an aspect enquiry, they will focus their attention on one or two specific elements within your personal return.

Although aspect investigations allow HMRC to investigate your personal return, it may be that during the course of their enquiries they may find more serious problems and could open a more serious investigation.

For instance, HMRC may find evidence or suspect that tax fraud has taken place and so may open an investigation or find evidence that suggests avoidance and therefore opens a COP 8 investigation.

If, as a result of an aspect or full inquiry under Section 9A TMA 1970 you find yourself involved in an enquiry, and you have not consulted a specialist, you really must get one because it could cost you a fortune. It could even cost you your home. It’s very important and very, very serious.

Our specialists battle with HMRC inspectors on a day-to-day basis and have countless experience and successes in negotiating on behalf of clients.

To take advantage of our expertise and experience call 0800 471 4546 NOW.

You will not be charged for talking to us about an inquiry or receiving a letter from HMRC. We will give you advice and if you feel you would like us to act then you can make an appointment and come to see us. But it doesn’t cost you anything to ring and get advice – please take advantage of that. Unlike some advice services who make a charge for telephone consultations we do not – it is free advice.


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