Have you received a Criminal Investigation letter from HMRC?

Make no mistake, if HMRC proceed with a criminal tax investigation they want you to go to prison. These investigations by HMRC are stepping up since the incorporation of the Revenue & Customs Prosecution Office and the Crown Prosecution Service in 2010.

Criminal Tax Investigation and Section 144 Notice HMRC have recently refined their process whereby they will send out a letter inviting a taxpayer to attend a voluntary interview with HMRC under caution, you will be interviewed under PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984).

You will be interviewed and cautioned by a HMRC Inspector who is experienced in dealing with these type of investigations.

We have dealt with an increasing number of investigations which have started off with this seemingly innocent and almost friendly letter.

We have procedures in place whereby should you be invited to attend one of these interviews or in circumstances you are arrested by HMRC, we would arrange for a barrister or solicitor to represent you and be with you at any interview.

But do not be fooled. You could face a lengthy sentence in prison.

Any comments you make at all – could be, and would be – used as evidence against you should HMRC think they have a sufficient case to prosecute.

We have never had a client prosecuted and in fact saved a client who was faced with a criminal investigation from prosecution.

They said

“When the letter came through the door I rang everyone to find out who knew about it. That all stopped when I rang KinsellaTax. Kev and Alex got me through a terrible time; saved my career, a possible prison sentence and my health. Thanks lads. I don’t know what to say.”

The end result was that the investigation was not pursued and the client was able to pursue their career.

Criminal Tax Investigations are serious and time should not be wasted.

If you receive a Criminal Investigation letter from HMRC call KinsellaTax and speak to one of the team TODAY.


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