The most serious investigations into evasion carried out by HMRC’s Special Civil Investigations unit.

special civil investigations

HMRC’s Special Civil Investigations department employ highly trained officers, experienced in fraud. This type of investigation is highly stressful and worrying.  If Special Civil Investigations think it is appropriate they will pass your investigation on to the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office (RCPO) for a criminal tax investigation.

KinsellaTax have NEVER had a client sent to prison.

Special Civil Investigations usually deal with cases involving over £500,000 and are only opened on the basis of firm evidence. Fraud cases involving less than £500,000 are generally dealt with by the Civil Investigation of Fraud (CIF) unit. Our highly experienced team fight your corner when you are under investigation.

Tax fraud is an extremely complex matter. This is why you may not be familiar with exact legislation and the rights that you have. We do. Our experts will work day-in, day-out battling HMRC inspectors for your rights, negotiating fair settlements and penalties.

We will fight tooth and nail to make sure your investigation is carried out fairly. Whether or not you have committed the offense you need to get professional help quickly if you are under investigation.

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What Does The Special Civil Investigations Unit do?

The role of the SCI is to investigate cases of avoidance and evasion in the most serious cases. They pass cases to the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office (RCPO) for consideration for taking criminal proceedings where appropriate. Its function is not confined however, to dealing with cases of serious fraud. It is to detect and investigate the whole range of tax offences outside the scope of local tax offices or other parts of HMRC with a specialist function (e.g. the Financial Intermediaries and Claims Office (FICO)).

SCI investigations are serious but with our expertise and knowledge, KinsellaTax can handle the case for you letting you get back on with your life. Call us on 0800 471 4546

KinsellaTax look after people who have committed a fraud and are the subject of an enquiry by Special Civil Investigations. We resolve the investigation, ensuring maximum savings and minimising the liability to you and your business.

We do not judge you, but listen very carefully to your circumstances. KinsellaTax supports your position with firm and concise instructions to the Special Civil Investigation Department.

We take control of the investigation, working to the most cost effective and efficient way of bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion

Whether or not you have actually committed a fraud, if you are under investigation you need KinsellaTax to fight your corner.

We know the way the inspectors deal with these cases as our team consists of ex-Senior Inspector of Taxes and ex-HM Customs officers so we are the number one choice in battling your HMRC battle. 

Our specialists are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t waste any more time.

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