Voluntary DisclosureWhat is a Voluntary Disclosure?

It is a declaration to HMRC for unpaid tax – a kind of Tax Amnesty.

If you owe income tax or have made any gains that you should have told HMRC about then speak to us first. Once you have told them directly you will only have 90 days pay any unpaid tax. Call us before you speak to them for expert advice on what to do – don’t make the mistake of making a voluntary disclosure without help! We will provide help, advice & information in confidence and you will not even have to give us your name: 0800 471 4546

Not declared earnings or additional income and paid the tax to HMRC? There is only one way forward; a voluntary disclosure statement

Submitting a disclosure voluntarily to HMRC puts you in the driving seat.

HMRC will give you maximum points for coming forward and submitting a voluntary disclosure. KinsellaTax are the people to prepare your voluntary tax disclosure form & report for you and fight your corner.

We will submit this on your behalf to get the best deal possible by way of HMRC penalties.

Voluntary Tax Disclosure Advice & Information from Experts

Voluntary Disclosure Penalties will be substantially lower if you make a disclosure and co-operate fully during the process.

The sooner you make submit a disclosure to HMRC, the more chance you have of avoiding that dreaded letter landing on your doorstep.

Our team make voluntary disclosures on behalf of clients daily, so we know how to battle with HMRC. Why use anyone else?

With KinsellaTax handling your investigation you are in the best hands possible.

To make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC call our investigation specialists NOW on 0800 471 4546.



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