Are HMRC conducting a Civil Evasion Tax Investigation into your affairs?

Although Civil Evasion Investigations do not usually end in a criminal prosecution, this is not a certainty and, as a result, all types of investigation must be taken seriously.

Civil Evansion Tax investigation Even if HMRC do not push for a criminal prosecution, you will still have to pay back any tax owed together with interests and a hefty penalty.

Always remember that HMRC can charge penalties of up to 100% of the tax you owe unless it is overseas when penalties of 150% – 200% can be charged.

Undoubtedly, this can have a severely damaging effect on a person’s business and personal life and needs to be handled carefully.

These investigations are carried out under different procedures and do not, usually, involve criminal prosecutions.

These procedures are as follows:

If you are under investigation by HMRC then you need to seek specialist advice immediately.

The worst option to take is to shy away from any investigation, but you shouldn’t let an investigation take over your life.

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