Advice For Landlords

If you owe tax on the income you receive from letting out a property then as a landlord you are obliged to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about this, especially if you have not declared it.
You may need to make a voluntary disclosure.
Let Property Campaign

Let Property Campaign Deadline

Once you have made a declaration to HMRC you then have 90 days grace to pay the amount you owe.

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Who can use the Let Property Campaign?

You are able to report on undisclosed taxes that may have become due in the past on rental income to HMRC under the Let Property Campaign if you rent out residential property and you are an individual, not a company.

This includes you if you:

  • rent out a single property
  • rent out more than one property
  • are a specialist landlord – where you may rent out to students or workforces
  • rent out a room in your main where the income exceeds the Rent a Room Scheme threshold
  • live overseas and rent out a property in the UK
  • live in the UK and rent a property overseas
  • rent out a holiday home (even if you, or your family use it yourself)

If you are a company then you cannot use this scheme.
Also if you are an individual renting out a commercial property then you cannot use this scheme.
HMRC have an online Let Property Campaign questionnaire that you can fill in to determine whether you need to disclose any income tax on your property.

Let Property Campaign Penalties

HMRC have a sliding scale of penalties depending on how helpful you are in declaring the tax that you owe. Ultimately the penalty can be 100% of the tax so you need to act now if you believe you owe any tax under this scheme. It is up to you to prove ‘reasonable excuse’ if you fail to pay the tax after your January 31st deadline. That is where we can help you.

Landlord Disclosure

HMRC have stated that if it gets to the point where they have to write to a landlord about Let Property Income and the landlord has not made any disclosure voluntarily, then this will be regarded as prompted and the landlord will lose out on any favourable penalty conditions.  If however, they do make a full admission by the date mentioned in the letter then the let property campaign penalty may be reduced from between 35% and 75%

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