Is tax fraud the same as tax evasion?

Many people think that tax fraud is the same as tax evasion. This is wrong. Tax evasion is a type of tax fraud.

HMRC tax fraud and tax evaders in the UK Tax fraud is taking illegal steps in order to lower your tax bill. It is also the deliberate understatement or omission of tax.

Tax evasion is the efforts to not pay tax by illegal means.

We can look at this in a much simpler way…

If you submit a return to HMRC but fail to declare part of your income or produce false invoices, this is a fraud.

If you simply did not submit a return, technically you did not omit anything. This is tax evasion.

Either way, both of these offences are serious and should be handled carefully by an expert.

Tax fraud can lead to a criminal investigation and a lengthy prison sentence, so you should never go through an investigation without strong representation.


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