What is the difference between Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion?

Many people think that tax fraud is the same as tax evasion. Whilst the outcome is largely the same this is essentially wrong. Whilst both involve misleading the Inland Revenue in order to pay less tax, tax evasion is a type of tax fraud that may well be investigated.

Tax Fraud Tax fraud is taking illegal steps in order to lower your tax bill. It is also the deliberate understatement or omission of tax.

When you are suspected of tax evasion, it is the because of the efforts to not pay tax by illegal means.

We can look at this in a much simpler way…

If you submit a return to HMRC but fail to declare part of your income or produce false invoices, this is a Tax Fraud.

If you simply did not submit a return, technically you did not omit anything. This is Tax Evasion – you have been evading tax! 

Either way, both of these offences are serious and should be handled carefully by an expert.

Tax fraud can lead to a criminal investigation and a lengthy prison sentence, so you should never go through an investigation without strong representation.

Are You Suspected of Tax fraud or Tax Evasion?

HMRC Inspectors within the Civil Investigation of Tax Fraud departments are more experienced and are likely to be extremely intrusive.

Tax Fraud Investigation The Civil Investigation of Fraud teams deals with investigations involving up to £500,000. Larger amounts are dealt with by Special Civil Investigations (SCI).

No one wants to be convicted of being a tax evader so it is vital you get representation from experts for your case who deal with tax fraud issues all day, every day.

HMRC usually investigate individuals under Code of Practice 9  procedures which are only opened if there is firm evidence of tax evasion or fraud.

HMRC inspectors spend months collecting evidence and information on cases, before opening an investigation.

This is why investigations run by HMRC’s Civil Investigation of Fraud department must be taken seriously.

We cannot stress how important it is you have strong, reliable representation in an investigation!

Our experts are well versed in tactics used by HMRC and can handle the pressure these investigations impose.

We know your rights and we are here to fight your corner.

Don’t succumb to HMRC’s bully-boy tactics… fight back with KinsellaTax.

How Do I report Someone For Tax Fraud?

What we don’t do is report tax fraud so please do not contact us to blow the whistle on someone else, we work with you, not against you. If you are looking for a tax fraud number for reporting someone then please search online.

If you do call us then your case will be handled in the strictest confidence and anything you do tell us will be treated anonymously until we actively engage with you to act on your behalf.

How Do I Report Someone for Tax Evasion?

Once again we are not The Revenue and will actively help anyone suspected of tax evasion. When you contact us you can speak with us anonymously until you are prepared to trust us and allow us to help you. Your enquiry is treated in the strictest confidence!

If you receive a letter from HMRC advising you of their intention to open tax fraud or tax evasion investigation against you, call us now on 0800 471 4546 to speak to one of our specialist advisors.

But whatever you do, do not – we repeat do not – contact HMRC directly! They will log in your call and anything you say will be put down and may be used in evidence against you in the future. So please remember, call us – do not call HMRC – we will deal with HMRC direct on your behalf.

Don’t suffer alone. To speak with a specialist call KinsellaTax on 0800 471 4546.

Do not confuse tax evasion or fraud with tax avoidance which is not illegal!