KINSELLATAX 2014 Limited

was formed by Kevin Patrick Dominic Kinsella in 2014.

After working for many years within the industry, Kevin decided to make a difference himself for both individuals and corporate companies who are being investigated by the HMRC or wishing to make voluntary disclosures to the HMRC.

Kevin has a strong team around him that he trusts explicitly and frankly in his words “gets the job done quickly, smartly, and efficiently”. More importantly, to help you, the client, sleep rather than having sleepless nights.

We understand the mental strain and the toll an investigation can put on an individual, family, or corporate company.

“That’s why we are here 24 hrs. a day for the client”

From Ex HMRC inspectors to AAT qualified, the whole team can handle the case from start to finish whether it’s a voluntary disclosure, compliance check, full investigation, VAT Investigation or more serious cases like the Contractual Disclosure Facility ( COP 9 ) or criminal investigations.

We are here to bring your affairs up to date with HMRC with 100’s of very satisfied clients doing just that, with large amounts of tax and penalties being saved for the taxpayer and between £10/15 million in settlements being reached between us and HMRC.

No Investigation is too big or too small at Kinsellatax 2014 limited.

It is a must to remember whether you owe direct or indirect tax to the HMRC, once we have brought your affairs up to date and settled, you are a winner. The main thing is that we get your case settled with the lowest tax and penalties legally allowed. This is also the case if you are accused of owing taxes, and you don’t. Once we prove that then you are a winner.

We care for you the client and your situation.

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We understand the importance of getting first-class advice as early as possible.

HMRC rules and regulations change regularly and so KinsellaTax brings you up-to-date information on current and past legislation.

KinsellaTax provides you with information on the following topics and more:

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