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Have you received an enquiry or HMRC tax investigation letter?

Don’t bury your head in the sand. Act now and trust KinsellaTax with your Tax Investigation:

It allows you, and your firm, to continue with your business knowing that your investigation is being managed correctly and efficiently.
It provides a cost-effective way to expert knowledge and experience.
Passes the worry and strain of an tax enquiry or investigation to a team of experts, who can deal with matters on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your business and life.
It protects directors’ homes and other assets.
Limits the possibility of investigations spreading.
Lowers the risk of serious investigations.
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    Are you under an investigation by HM Revenue & Customs?

    Kinsella Tax - Tax Investigation Advice

    KinsellaTax provide expert tax investigation advice to individuals, companies and corporations facing a tax investigation, and professionals, such as lawyers or accountants, acting on behalf of clients. We understand the shock and concern associated with receiving a letter from HMRC, telling you that your affairs are under investigation – we are here to help you.

    Our team is experienced in handling all types of enquiries and offer expert, honest advice and support on all areas of the investigation. We recognise the need to deal with problems quickly and effectively rather than allow the enquiry to be led by Customs’ inspectors. The most important thing to consider when going through any investigation is to get professional representation – experience in this area of the law and tax enquiry procedures is essential.

    The in-depth and expert knowledge of our experienced team allows us to undertake the most complex cases involving all types of investigations. Thee include tax fraud, tax evasion, tax avoidance and VAT investigation. Our team of expert investigators keep up to date with legislation and experience the current tactics adopted by The Revenue on a daily basis.
    If you are under investigation, contact KinsellaTax for a free initial consultation and advice.

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    What triggers an investigation?

    HMRC claim that compliance checks are normally triggered when there appears to be an error on your tax return. It could be that if you are a company, there is a large VAT claim. If only a small amount of tax is declared by a business with a very high turnover then this could also trigger a tax investigation. There are other things which could also lead to an HMRC Investigation. These include:

    • A tip-off to HMRC by an ex-business partner, friend or neighbour
    • Your business receives a large amount of cash as payment
    • You experience a large drop in income or a dramatic increase in costs
    • Your self-assessment return is delivered late on a regular basis
    • Your cost of sales is much higher than other businesses in the same industry
    • Your standard of living is way higher than your tax return suggests you can afford
    • Random selection – you are unlucky and HMRC have opened a tax investigation into your sector

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    HMRC Tax Investigation – Specialist Advisors

    The most important thing to remember when facing an HMRC investigation is to get professional representation. In fact, HMRC actively encourages you to get help. We act as the bridge between you and the tax office which means you do not have to face them on your own. Everything you tell us is 100% confidential – we will not discuss your tax affairs with anyone but you and the tax office when the time is right!

    What Happens During A Tax Investigation?

    It is that moment that everyone dreads – you receive a letter from HMRC saying they’ve opened an investigation into your tax affairs.

    Not only is any investigation into your tax affairs highly disruptive to your business, but it could also end up being very expensive.

    It essential that you get expert, specialist advice from the very minute that you receive the letter.

    Our team of specialist advisors consists of ex-HM Inspectors of Taxes and ex-HM Custom and Excise Officers, who collectively have vast experience in managing all types of HMRC investigations. With KinsellaTax on your side, you are in safe hands. We can attend any meetings with HMRC on your behalf and negotiate a settlement, which may include agreeing on a fair payment plan and reducing penalties where possible.