If HMRC decides to open a Partnership Tax Return investigation they will send a letter quoting Section 12A TMA 1970.

Partnership Tax Return and a Section 12A TMA 1970 NoticeThis is a formal notice of enquiry and they may look at the return as a whole or just at specific parts of the return.

This means that either a full or aspect enquiry is opened.

HMRC state whether they are looking only at specific aspects of the return or as a whole.

Investigations into Partnership Tax Returns are dealt with by experienced HMRC inspectors. These are within their Local Compliance Offices. They are usually opened after HMRC have conducted initial investigations and perceived there to be a substantial liability.

I received a Section 12A TMA 1970 notice, what should I do?

Contact us! We are experts in dealing with Local Compliance Investigations and Partnership Tax Return investigations.

An HMRC investigation may appear to be relatively simple but they can easily develop into something serious.

In all likelihood, HMRC will request an interview with you.

However, this is not a legal requirement.

A notice of enquiry into a Partnership Return automatically extends to a personal return investigation for each partner. You should be ready for questions about the partnership aspects of your personal return.

Non-partnership aspects of the personal returns are only be opened if a separate Section 9A TMA 1970 investigation is opened. This is issued separately.

The partner who filled in the Partnership Tax Return and Partnership statement will be the one responsible for investigation.

In cases where that partner is no longer available, for example, due to retirement, another partner may be nominated.

The nominated partner is responsible for keeping the other partners informed of the progress of the investigation.

With Kinsella Tax on your side there is no need for any partner to converse or correspond directly with HMRC. We will take over your investigation completely.

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What happens now?

Depending on what the investigating officer finds, they may decide that a more serious type of investigation such as a Code of Practice 9 or a criminal investigation is appropriate.

The Local Compliance Office could pass your case on to the Civil Investigation of Fraud or Special Civil Investigations departments where inspectors are highly trained in serious fraud investigations.

This will undoubtedly cause further stress to you, which is why you need KinsellaTax to take care of every aspect of the investigation.

Our specialists work tirelessly to minimise the stress for you and our complex and in-depth understanding of the investigation process ensures that we make it as painless as possible for all of our clients, no matter how big or small the investigation.

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