Have HMRC opened a Code of Practice 14 Tax Investigation into your Company Tax Return?

Mistakes can happen when filling in a company tax return which could lead to a Code of Practice 14 investigation by HMRC.

Code of Practice 14 Investigations and Company Tax Investigation HMRC may decide to open an investigation into your business and your company return if they pick up on these mistakes, or if they suspect the mistakes are more than just accidents.

HMRC will inform you in writing that they intend to start an investigation and will also tell you if they are looking at your whole company return or only at specific areas.

This means they will start either a Full or Aspect enquiry.

HMRC have 12 months from the date the return was due to have been submitted to tell you that they intend to start an investigation. If you submit your return late, then HMRC have 12 months from that date to enquire into your company affairs.
You need to take action and get specialised corporation tax investigation advice the minute you receive the letter from HMRC.

Running a business is hard enough without the added strain of an investigation which is why we are here to take that stress and worry away.

These investigations can lead to HMRC inspectors requesting information about your personal returns which is why it is vital to have a Code of Practice 14 specialist on your side.

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We are your power fighters during an investigation

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