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Do you have an offshore bank account?

If yes then you need to make an Offshore Disclosure to HMRC. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, it is your legal obligation to declare income you receive from offshore assets. When you make a voluntary offshore disclosure will get you a lower penalty than waiting for an investigation. HMRC operated a scheme called The Worldwide Disclosure facility which expired end September 2018. If you have not yet disclosed then the benefits of doing so before this date have now expired but you still need to make a declaration!

For a stress free solution follow KinsellaTax’s easy offshore disclosure steps:

Submit a Tax Enquiry

Click here to submit your enquiry or call us to speak with a specialist

Meet Face to Face

Meet one of our specialists. Bring as much paperwork with you as you can so we can see what types of disclosure is best for you.

KinsellaTax Contacts HMRC and deals with your Offshore Disclosure

We contact HMRC and advise them you are making a disclosure. This may stop HMRC from opening an investigation. This takes on average 28 days and we will contact you as soon as we have a response from HMRC on your offshore disclosure.

We Calculate your Tax and Negotiate your Penalty

We calculate exactly how much income you have earned and need to declare on your disclosure, from there we work out how much additional tax you owe HMRC. We will also negotiate your penalty, which could be as high as 200% of the tax due without our negotiation.

Pay the Agreed Fair Settlement with HMRC

Once we agree a fair settlement with HMRC through your disclosure, you pay the outstanding tax due, with interest and penalties, walking away happy!

Mrs B from Liverpool made an offshore disclosure to HMRC with KinsellaTax and said this of her experience:-

“My sincere thanks to Kevin and Dominic at KinsellaTax. The fear of an intrusive tax investigation by HMRC frankly left me cold & frightened. My health had deteriorated to the point where I simply would not function anymore. I was totally unaware of how painless the process of making a voluntary offshore disclosure to HMRC would be & will forever be thankful for the day that I picked up the telephone to KinsellaTax”

Worldwide Disclosure Facility

Forgot to do it before the deadline?

You still have to disclose. The longer you leave it the harsher the terms will be offered by the HMRC.

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