It has been revealed that HMRC plan to allocate more resources to assist with customer service following complaints in the past with HMRC’s call centre.

It has been reported that £45m has been allocated in order to hire a further 3,000 staff for the call centre and a further 2,000 relocated from other departments.

HMRC receive more than 60 million calls a year particularly around deadline day however, the centre has been criticised for poor performance with figures showing that on 73% of calls were answered last year, falling short of the 80% target. Figures also showed that one in five customers were not able to join a queue and instead heard a busy tone.

Many believe it will not resolve the problem but state it may not be as bad.

HMRC are extremely under resourced in many of their departments and therefore cannot be effective – until this is resolved, HMRC will not be able to offer the level of service that is expected.

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