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HMRC cuts the use of private debt collection agencies by half

By May 15, 2015June 13th, 2019No Comments

The use of debt collection agencies has been halved by HMRC during the last twelve months following criticism from the public.

According to UHY Hacker Young, £6.8m was spent on private debt collection agencies in 2014 compared to that of £14.8m which was spent in 2013.

Mark Giddens of UHY Hacker Young said “Debt collection agencies are rarely the most appropriate way for HMRC to collect unpaid taxes.

“HMRC need to be absolutely certain that they are correct when employing these sort of tactics.”

“There is no guarantee that HMRC’s databases are exactly up to date. The danger is that if errors are made then taxpayers are left out of pocket and fighting for their own money against a government agency,” added Giddens.

HMRC are now able to demand payment of disputed tax upfront and are now requesting the ability to recover any unpaid taxed directly from taxpayers bank accounts.

HMRC no longer need a reason to open an enquiry into your tax affairs meaning very one could be at risk from an investigation.

If you are subject of a tax investigation by HMRC contact us on 0800 471 4546 or click on the link above for more advice on how we can help.