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Loss Relief

Loss Relief

Posted on: 13 Mar 2017

HMRC Loss Relief HMRC are always opposing any applications you make for any sort of loss relief during their investigating procedures. One of their favourites of…

KinsellaTax considers the Entrepreneurs’ Relief

Posted on: 07 Mar 2017

We are right in the middle of an argument with HMRC over Entrepreneurs’ Relief. It is well known that Entrepreneurs’ Relief applies to a Capital Gain…

Plans to shut tax offices unrealistic, reveals National Audit Office report

Posted on: 10 Jan 2017

The National Audit Office have revealed that HMRC are re-evaluating plans to shut 170 offices, replacing them with 13 regional centres. However, the plans reveal that…

HMRC increase scrutiny of wealthy taxpayers

Posted on: 09 Jan 2017

Accountancy RSM have warned that wealthier taxpayers will be the subject of increasing investigations by HMRC in the belief that more tax can be collected by…

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