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It’s that time of year when the annual deadline for submitting your Self-Assessment Tax Return is drawing closer. HMRC have reported 3,275 people submitted their Tax Return on Christmas Day 2022. You would think people would have better things to do on Christmas Day!

How Many People Filled Their Self-Assessment Tax Return Over Christmas?

Her Majesty Revenue & Customs have reported 22,060 people submitted their tax returns online between 24 and 26 December 2022. Of those people, 141 filed between 23.00 and 23.59 on Christmas Eve. The breakdown of when people filed between those days is as follows: –

  • Christmas Eve – 8,474 people filed their tax returns.
  • Christmas Day – 3,275 people filed their tax returns.
  • Boxing Day – 10,311 tax returns were filed.

This goes to show tax is on people’s minds even over the festive period. It may also be an opportunity for people to take time out of the festivities, to get something done that has been on their minds all year. Either way, they these people will be able to enjoy the new year knowing it is out of the way for another year.

What Is the Deadline For Self-Assessment 2022?

The Self Assessment Tax return deadline is on 31st January each year. Therefore to file your 2021-22 taxes, the deadline is 31st January 2023. HMRC is urging people to submit their tax return on or before this date to avoid paying a penalty. In previous years and especially during COVID, they have been lenient, this year they may not.

Assistance During Difficult Times – Time To Pay

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, some of you may struggle to pay your tax bill in full this January. If this is the case, it’s important you know about Time To Pay. . HMRC offer payment plans to spread tax that is owed. There is certain criteria that you will need to be aware of. This is all covered in the link here – Time To Pay

If you would like advice on your tax affairs please contact us on 0800 802 1311.