16 reasons you might be due a tax refund - Kinsella Tax

16 Reasons Why You May Be Due a Tax Refund

Are You Due a Tax Rebate? There are many reasons why a self-employed person may be due a tax refund. Most people are surprised when they…
West Ham United - Kinsella Tax

West Ham Football Club Facing Criminal Charges For Vat Fraud

Criminal Charges Threat At West Ham United According to The Sunday Times, West Ham is facing possible criminal charges for tax evasion and VAT fraud. The…
General Electric

No one is Too Big To Get A Knock From HMRC – GE Face $1Bn Claim

It doesn’t matter how big the company is and how much they pay their accountants. No one is safe from the prying eyes of HMRC. General…

KinsellaTax Wins The Sports Business Five-A-Side Tournament

KinsellaTax wins The Sports Business Five-A-Side Tournament at The J.Davidson Stadium organised by Dominic McGuinness of The Sport Business. KinsellaTax entered a team in last Friday’s…

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