Let Property Campaign

Landlords Caught in Tax-Dodging Scam

The HMRC has been ramping up its efforts to collect extra revenue.  As The Let Property Campaign, targeting private landlords continues to be the Revenue’s most…
Self-Employed Tax

Guide to Self-Employed Tax and National Insurance

If you’re going self-employed you’re effectively setting up a new business and starting on a new adventure.  Once you have decided what you’re going to do,…

How to Survive a Tax Investigation

“We are going to Investigate Your Tax Affairs”.  This is the dreaded news any business owner does not want to hear.  The most important bit of…
Favourite 10 Taxes

Favourite 10 Taxes

Our Favourite 10 Taxes Here we look at our favourite 10 taxes over the course of time. “Nothing is certain but death and taxes” is a…

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