Panama France Tax Evasion Agreement - Kinsella Tax

Panama and France Sign Anti-Tax Evasion Deal

Panama has long been seen as one of the worlds most ‘successful’ tax havens. In an effort to remove itself from the ‘dirty money’ blacklists it…
Small Businesses Are The Worst Tax offenders - Kinsella Tax

Small Businesses Are The Worst Tax Offenders

It probably comes as little surprise to those reading this but small businesses in the UK are the country’s worst tax offenders, owing an estimated fourteen…

Restaurant owners to receive visit from the taxman

HMRC have announced the arrival of special units whose sole aim will be to target those who evade tax, beginning with the restaurant trade...

Shame and Blame Disappointment

HMRC’s efforts to shame and blame taxpayers accused of evasion seems to have fallen on its backside.

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