The Top 10 Greatest Frauds

The Top 10 Greatest Frauds in World History

The Top 10 Greatest Frauds in World History Fraud, extortion, blackmail, embezzlement, hustlers, scammers are all terms we’re familiar with. Fraud or deception has been around…

National charity announces UK’s 10 most wanted Fraudsters

Crimestoppers has released pictures and names of 10 criminals allegedly responsible for £200m of tax fraud ...

Jailed by HMRC this week for tax fraud – 18th Oct 2012

Find out who has been jailed this week, the 18th of October 2012, by HMRC for tax fraud and VAT fraud.

£1.9m Tax Fraud: Fraudulent financial advisor jailed

Colin Pearson has been sentenced to 3 years in prison at Hull Crown Court for committing over £1.9m tax fraud through transferring ‘clients’ pension funds...

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