The Top 10 Greatest Frauds

The Top 10 Greatest Frauds in World History

The Top 10 Greatest Frauds in World History Fraud, extortion, blackmail, embezzlement, hustlers, scammers are all terms we’re familiar with. Fraud or deception has been around…

Tax Nightmares – German tax authorities finally back down

Newspaper story helps to bring victory for a British man who faced a crippling tax bill in Germany.

Tax adviser jailed for… Tax Fraud!!

A tax adviser who stole more than £300,000 of clients’ money intended for the exchequer has been jailed for four years...

Shock and upset after accountant jailed for £1.4 million fraud

Colin Hippey, an accountant from West Yorkshire, has been jailed for tax frauds causing outrage and shock amongst his customers...

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