Corporate Tax Havens - British Virgin Islands - Kinsella Tax

Corporate Tax Havens Index – Britain Is The Worst In The World

The UK has come out on top as the biggest enabler of corporate tax dodging worldwide. The Corporate Tax Dodging index ranks the world’s biggest corporate…
What is Money Laundering and Is It Illegal - KinsellaTax

Money Laundering/Anti-Money Laundering Checks & Policies COP28

What is Money Laundering? You read stories about money laundering all the time, in the media and in films and TV programmes. What actually is it?…

£11.5m earned from film investment by tax avoidance promoters

Directors of Future Capital Partners Group Holdings, Stephen Margolis and Timothy Levy, allegedly earned £11.5m between them the year failed tax avoidance scheme Eclipse Film Partners 35 was sold in 2007...

Tax return inspections reveal 134 MPs dodged £230,000 tax

Amidst the ‘moral debate’ over tax avoidance, the Daily Mail has reported that MPs are being ‘forced’ to pay back £230,000 of ‘dodged tax’...

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