£11.5m earned from film investment by tax avoidance promoters

Directors of Future Capital Partners Group Holdings, Stephen Margolis and Timothy Levy, allegedly earned £11.5m between them the year failed tax avoidance scheme Eclipse Film Partners 35 was sold in 2007...

Tax return inspections reveal 134 MPs dodged £230,000 tax

Amidst the ‘moral debate’ over tax avoidance, the Daily Mail has reported that MPs are being ‘forced’ to pay back £230,000 of ‘dodged tax’...

TUC’s ’Celebrity Guide to tax dodging’

TUC has released a spoof celebrity magazine ‘Kerching’, on celebrity tax avoidance tricks and ten ways to stop them.

HMRC demand over £25 million from tax avoiders

Over 600 members of tax avoidance schemes have received letters from HMRC demanding in excess of £250 million in unpaid tax. David Gauke, Financial Secretary to…

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