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The escalating cost of living crisis has been well documented. We have featured this in a number of our recent blogs. Our most recent blog took an in depth look at the Chancellor’s recent Autumn Statement. This included a section specifically looking at it’s impact on Energy Bills. In light of this, in our latest episode we look at ways to cut Energy Bills this winter

10 Ways To Cut Energy Bills

Insulate And Draught-Proof Your House

If you have suitable draught-proofing and insulation it will help stop heat from escaping. If it is poorly insulated your home will be harder to heat. Simple techniques such as using under-door draught excluders and having heavy curtains around windows will help. Professional draught-proofing is available for around £200

A lot of heat is lost through the roof so loft insulation is key. Insulating your loft can save over £500 on a detached house, or £350 on a typical semi-detached house. Insulating cavity walls is also an option and is a more expensive option. Furthermore replacing single glazing with double glazing will help cut energy bills, although comes at a cost.

Review Your Energy Bills

The days of shopping around for cheap energy deals are over for the time being. Saying that, there are techniques you can use to bring your bills down. These include installing a smart meter (or send regular meter readings to your suppler), pay by direct debit, opting for paperless bills and always question any direct debit increases.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Always look at the energy efficiency for each of your appliances. The more efficient the appliance, the less energy that appliance will use. Key appliances to check are your washing machines, dishwasher, tumble dryer and fridge-freezer.

Other tips include washing clothes at 30 Degrees, always using the ECO settings and dry clothes outside (if you can!)

Use An Fryer

Air Fryers are all the rage at the moment. Not only are they a healthy option, they also use less energy than a conventional oven. A great option to add on to your Christmas list! If you don’t have an Air Fryer, microwaves are a cheaper alternative to using an oven.

Research Energy Efficient Grants

There are a number of grants available in the UK at the moment. We’ve supplied a link to each of the following support schemes which you may be eligible for:

Use Less Hot Water

Most people use hot water all year round, as opposed to heating which is predominantly used in Winter. Managing your use of hot water will therefore have an impact throughout the year. Simple tricks such as using an eco shower head, rather than a power shower will reduce the amount of hot water you use. Or have a timer in the shower to reduce your time in there! If you also have a water meter, it makes sense to reduce the amount of hot water you use too. Have a shower rather than a bath and turn your water heating off when not using it, if you have a hot water tank. Insulating hot water pipes and tanks will help them stay warmer for longer.

Smart Thermostats

Having a smart thermostat means you can operate your heating remotely. This allows you to adjust the temperate, or overall heating when you’re out of the home too. You can use your phone to switch off your heating if you are delayed somewhere. You can also adjust the temperature and control exactly what rooms need to be heated.

Central Heating Controls

Adding heating controls to your home allows you to manage your heating. It is estimated for every degree you increase your home heating by, it will increase your heating bill by approximately 10%. Having heating controls for different parts of the house will allow you to manage this and to only heat parts of your home that you need to.

Replace Light Bulbs

It is estimated lighting contributes around 10% of your energy bills. LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights you can use throughout your home. They also last longer than traditional lighting options too.

Get Your Boiler Serviced

Central heating accounts for over half of the average household energy bill. By having a more energy-efficient boiler, it will reduce your energy bills. Booking a service for you boiler will ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. The alternative would be to invest in a new boiler and new radiator valves, although this can cost £1,000s.

We hope you enjoyed reading some of these tips. We wish you a warm and energy-efficient winter!

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