Stamp Duty Avoidance Schemes

HMRC have identified 1,200 UK homebuyers that have avoided paying the right amount of stamp duty leaving the Revenue with £35m in uncollected tax...

HM Revenue and Custom’s Tax Academy

HMRC have set up a new Tax Academy to offer trainee tax inspectors’ two professional degrees accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)...

Tax Nightmares – The Curious Case of Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero has declined to comment on a customer's letter that has gone viral accusing it of failing to "pay its dues" by not paying corporation tax.

Booze baron was a £42million tax conman

A football-loving playboy used his £42million businesss empire as a 'bottomless piggy bank' to fund his lavish lifestyle which cheated the taxman out of hundreds of thousands of pounds...

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