What is Money Laundering and Is It Illegal - KinsellaTax

Money Laundering/Anti-Money Laundering Checks & Policies COP28

What is Money Laundering? You read stories about money laundering all the time, in the media and in films and TV programmes. What actually is it?…
16 reasons you might be due a tax refund - Kinsella Tax

16 Reasons Why You May Be Due a Tax Refund

Are You Due a Tax Rebate? There are many reasons why a self-employed person may be due a tax refund. Most people are surprised when they…
10 Reasons You Might Get A Self Assessment Enquiry

10 Reasons You Might Get A Self-Assessment Enquiry (and what to do if you do!)

Reasons For A Self-Assessment Enquiry  As everyone knows the deadline for getting that all-important tax return in is the 31st January. If you failed to get…
Personal Services Companies - PSC - Kinsella Tax

Personal Services Companies – PSC – BBC Presenters Facing Tax Probe

Is No One Safe From HMRC’s Prying? BBC Presenters Face Tax Probe The National Audit Office (NAO), without being specific have warned about personal service companies…

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