Tax Nightmares – A Tale of Two Tax Residency Cases

Two recent tax tribunal cases illustrate the contrasting fortunes taxpayers can have in what can be very similar looking circumstances. One secured their victory but for the other the nightmare lives on.

Taxman targets pre-pack offspring with VAT demands

HMRC demand failed businesses a 'security for future VAT' in order to be allowed to start up again...

HMRC demand over £25 million from tax avoiders

Over 600 members of tax avoidance schemes have received letters from HMRC demanding in excess of £250 million in unpaid tax. David Gauke, Financial Secretary to…

HMRC yields record £131m from tax status checks

HMRC’s crackdowns on the construction industry have yielded a 7% growth in revenue from investigations. Payments retrieved from plumbers, builders and electricians following HMRC enquiries saw…

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