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Is HMRC going to get an avalanche of claims after the Neil Martin case?

By December 12, 2014June 13th, 2017No Comments

There were unnecessary delays, he says he suffered £500,000 losses and he faced a tax a tax bill of £250,000.

Three appeal judges ruled that there were no policy or legal grounds barring a taxpayer who suffered financial loss through the Revenue’s negligence from suing. Previous High Court attempts had been blocked, ruling that the Revenue owed no duty of care to victims of bad advice, delay or incompetence.

However, the appeal judges thought differently, ruling that when an unnamed tax officer processed Mr Martin’s application incorrectly and signed a form without authority, it would be “fair, just and reasonable” to impose a duty of care.

As I say, how many other cases are going to end up in the courts? Because as far as I can see the service HMRC are giving you is getting worse and worse and worse for taxpayers and accountants trying to get somewhere.

Read what I say about a case I am dealing with at the moment where not only did the tax office lie about having a judgement against a client of mine, but then proceeded to chase her for the money that the so called ‘judgement’ had been entered for.

It all turned out to be nonsense, but see my report later because you may be in the same position and it will pay you not to believe what the Revenue tell you without checking, double checking and treble checking, which is what my client did in this case.