Tax planning promoters to spill beans on clients

Since the creation of the new High Net Worth Unit, responsible for investigating very wealthy taxpayers, in 2009-10, an extra £85 million in further taxes has been clawed back by HMRC...

HMRC target wealthy Brits with homes abroad

Britain’s richest tax-dodgers with homes abroad are the next to be targeted by HMRC’s specialist unit of tax inspectors...

HMRC’s £8.9bn target branded ‘over-optimistic’ by the NAO

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) spent £98m on two tax collection projects which failed to bring in extra revenue and resulted in ‘no added benefits’...

Who Watches the Watchmen

Recently Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor for the Mail, wrote a piece on how the Taxman was cracking down on moonlighting police after the Mail on Sunday revealed that one in ten officers were working on the side with a second job while off the beat.

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