Terminal illness not a reasonable excuse

A tribunal has ruled that a man with a terminal illness did not have a reasonable excuse for paying his taxes late. Matthew Roper was diagnosed…

Electrician jailed for £372,000 VAT fraud

A Staffordshire-based electrician jailed for embezzling over £372,000 in fraudulent VAT repayment claims has been told he will face an extra two years in jail if…

Derbyshire man jailed for falsifying online tax returns

A 30-year-old Derbyshire man who worked alongside an accomplice to try to swindle over £205,000 in fraudulent tax repayments from HMRC has been jailed. Danny Peat…

Beckham among 33,000 set to receive new tax demand

Many high-profile names in the business, showbiz and sport will soon be receiving letters demanding payment of disputed tax bills.

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