MPs warn HMRC they must clarify VAT position of advice

IFAs are in disagreement over what exactly is exempt from value added tax (VAT)...

FA to assist HMRC’s crackdown on agent fees

The Football Association has agreed to help HM Revenue and Customs in their scrutiny of every payment made to football agents over the last year which is said to total £80m . . .

HMRC’s Top Tax Official under-attack for £10,000 expenses bill

HM Revenue and Custom’s permanent secretary for tax, Dave Hartnett, has spent £10,245 of public funds on expenses over a period of nine months in 2011...

HMRC fail to overturn the football creditor rule

It’s a win for the Football League as HMRC has been unsuccessful in their bid to overturn the football creditor rule, losing the case to the High Court’s decision.

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