HMRC track down moonlighting police officers.

Recently Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor for the Mail, wrote a piece on how the Taxman was cracking down on moonlighting police after the Mail on Sunday revealed that one in ten officers were working on the side with a second job while off the beat.

Thus begins the letters from HMRC, the investigations . . .

There is an old saying of “Who watches the watchmen”

Here we have HMRC tracking down moonlighting police officers.

Well it certainly gets to something if one department of the government, namely HMRC, is tracking another department – the police. That should be very interesting indeed.

We all know that the police are now looking at people they apprehend to see if there is any money laundering, if they’ve got money on them they can’t explain, if they’re driving cars that they can’t explain and passing that information over to HMRC.

Somebody is going to be a bit embarrassed when they actually pull up a chap who turns out to be a police officer with unexplained money driving an unexplained car – what do you do then?

Well at least HMRC are going to actually be busy although I do know an HMRC man who used to work in a club and that club later came under investigation by the very same man who worked for them in Stockport. That was quite interesting quite frankly, I was involved in that case a few years ago so perhaps next time HMRC will be chasing HMRC moonlighters.

Have you received a tax enquiry from HMRC?

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