I don’t know if you’ve seen the Private Eye article about how the Revenue get their sums wrong, but there’s another one!
It’s amazing really because I’ve got a client that is arguing about a bankruptcy petition. He’s worked out he owed the Revenue £52,000 and sent that in, the guy at Barrington Road said “No I’m not even going to read it” unless it’s my client and then they issue a petition based on statutory demand – which was flawed in the first place. I think the amount claimed was £197,871.09 and within days being reduced with no explanation to £109,000, now they’re chasing him for a sum of money – we say we owe you £8,000 – here it is. We’ve got to instruct Counsel to appear in court and still these things go wrong.
Now there’s this article in the Daily Mail saying “Taxman gets his sums wrong by £1.9Bbn” – for goodness sake, what the dickens is going on. Will they ever get it right?!


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