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Small Firms take the taxman offline

By September 24, 2014December 31st, 2014No Comments

The government have been forced to scrap rules that force small business to file tax returns on line after they were found to have breached tax payer’s human rights.

This is following a court victory last year for three small businesses and not before that.

I agree entirely with Robert Williamson, technical director of the Low Income Tax Reform Group, who said “it is regrettable that it has taken a court case to bring HMRC to the point where we have common sense solution but it’s good that it’s come to this conclusion”.

But this seems to be the norm for HMRC. When on earth are they going to actually realise their working for the taxpayer or the population of England they are their servants and they are there to help, assist and recover tax so that we can all live a normal happy life but all they seem to be doing recently is causing unpleasantness having unpleasant people direct replies which basically tell you to ‘p off’ and they will do it their way.

They make no concession for the old, the weak, disabled or the people living too remotely for reliable internet access. They then set rules saying that if you want to be exempt from filing online you have to give them a satisfactory reason. In other words talk to somebody on the phone who usually is not very helpful and who usually is trained to say no.

Absolute nonsense! Come on HMRC get with it. The human rights seems to be going out the window.