Given that the £100,000 paid to the informant in Liechtenstein tax case is small change to HMRC purses. How much more can an agent like Max Clifford get his client….?

Strange story yes.Strange but true!

There is no reason at all way, given the fact that the revenue are now playing informants, in fact they have been doing so far for 30 years and if you believe that, what they say the £100,000 is wide of the mark as the payment for the Liechtenstein case, you will believe anything.

The increased numbers of calls to HMRC, given the latest publicity that the revenue have paid nearly half a million pounds to informants for tax evasion information, will only provide a stronger, quicker, more demanding stream of applicants. Believe me it will happen.

Of course the revenue won’t provide details of the various informants. After all do you want to know somebody in the family has been providing information to the revenue about your earnings?

We get calls everyday of the week from people who want to provide information to HMRC and believe me it is from the strangest sources ever.

So, Max you better get geared up for the flood of informants who will be coming to you to negotiate their tax bonuses.


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