A HMRC investigation into a suspected £132m tax fraud has resulted in three tax advisors being arrested.

 HMRC said that more than 30 officers were involved in morning raids yesterday in the North West and Midlands. Officers searched four residential properties and one business property seizing computers, business and personal records.

HMRC Fraud Investigation Service assistant director Paul Maybury said: “These arrests show that we are determined to tackle not only those suspected of tax fraud but also the professionals who we believe abuse their position of trust to help them do it.

“The vast majority of taxpayers pay the tax they owe, but for those who don’t we will not hesitate to use our full range of powers to ensure that nobody is beyond our reach.”

The three men, a 56-year-old from Greater Manchester; a 67-year-old from Derbyshire; and a Warwickshire man, 59, have been interviewed and released on bail pending further enquiries, the revenue said.


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