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Treasury targets Amazon, Apple and Google on tax

By August 19, 2014December 31st, 2014No Comments

My goodness gracious me – about time.

But it’s amazing really when you consider what happened to the poor guy who blew the whistle on the Goldman Sachs situation.

Well I’m sure we all feel much better that the Treasury have decided to actually do their job – amazing.

They chase guys who might owe them £50, they issue letters that nearly drive people to suicide over a few pounds, yet they’ve only just decided they are going to target Amazon, Apple and Google about tax payments.

Well, well, well.

Let’s face it, HMRC have got some very, very bright sparks but where are they in dealing with these matters?

They have also got some real idiots working for them.

For the most part the guys and girls I have met have been lovely people doing their job, very respectful, and I am delighted to meet them and do business with them insofar as if I’ve got a client they will sit down and listen to what I have put forward and usually we can agree something and get the client on with his life again.

But you know sometimes it is almost impossible when you deal with some of these people but there we are, heaven forbid they have actually decided to do something they should have done years ago or should have never let happen.