I wonder how much consideration is given by HMRC prosecutors as to whether or not well-known figures will actually be convicted in their own backyards.


For instance, when HMRC (or HM Inland Revenue at the time) prosecuted Ken Dodd the case was actually brought in Liverpool.


Now if I was a betting man I would have put a few pounds down that there was as much chance of convicting Ken Dodd in Liverpool before a Liverpudlian jury as to fly to the moon.


Similarly, Harry Redknapp, and I make no aspersions as to whether or not he is guilty I have no knowledge of the case whatsoever, but the chances of him being convicted by a London jury, I think, are minimal.


Harry Redknapp is a well-loved, well-known football manager and I don’t know how many supporters Tottenham Hotspurs have but he is well-loved by West Ham and a number of other clubs’ supporters so my guess is that unless the evidence against him is damning then we can expect to see Harry walk.


I wonder what the odds are at the bookies if in fact they offer odds?!


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