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HMRC errors reveal over 6 million tax rebates

By December 12, 2014June 13th, 2019No Comments

HM Revenue and Customs have announced that over six million UK taxpayers will receive a tax rebate, whilst around 1.2 million others will be notified they have not paid enough tax…

Last year 4.3 million UK taxpayers received a rebate for overpayment of tax and 1.4 million people had paid too little. Last year’s unpaid tax totalled around £1,400 and 900,000 tax underpayments, averaging £300 each, were disregarded by HM Revenue and Customs without repayment. HMRC’s new computer system has discovered errors this year that means over six million honest UK taxpayers are to receive a refund from the Revenue. It is thought that each person affected has over-paid HM Revenue and Customs by an average of £400 tax each.

The unfortunate 1.2 million taxpayers that are to be told they have underpaid their tax, are expected to pay back £500 – £600 each to HMRC. Those who have underpaid their tax and owe money to HMRC will be given the opportunity to pay the tax back in stages. Commenting on HMRC’s income tax discrepancies, a spokesman for the Revenue, said:

“Money that is owed going back many years is now going to be automatically paid back as we get the tax system up to scratch.

“We are getting cases that were left unreconciled up to date as quickly as possible.”

HMRC’s management of the UK income tax system has come under recent scrutiny by the HOC Public Accounts Committee for causing ‘unacceptable uncertainty and inconvenience.’

According to HMRC:

“The fact is there will always be some cases at the end of every tax year that require an under or overpayment to balance but these cases will reduce as the new system beds in,” the spokesman added.

Letters will be sent out over the next few months to taxpayers due a rebate. The refund may date back to over-paid taxes from the 2007-2008 tax year and payments made will be inclusive of interest.

Kevin Kinsella Jnr, of KinsellaTax, said:

“I saw this morning, 20 October 2011, on BBC breakfast. I am sure there is going to be further comments over the next few days.”

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