Over five million UK workers face a nervous wait after leaked emails exposed another blunder from HMRC which has led to their tax bills being miscalculated.

HMRC has privately confessed to those who underpaid or overpaid income tax last year may still have paid the incorrect sum.

New tax demands or repayments have already been sent to most of the people in question, but now there is a real possibility that their bills may need to be recalculated yet again.

To prevent any further mishaps, HMRC has stopped sending repayments until the issue is rectified.

Initially, HMRC said tens of thousands would be affected but confessed that they currently had no idea about the complexity of the issue.

In June, HMRC admitted to collecting the wrong amount from more than five million UK taxpayers in the 12 months leading up to April 2014.

Afterwards, the taxman sent notification letters to each person explaining that they are either demanding further payments or issuing refunds to the tune of £300.

The addressees were advised to instruct taxpayers “not to repay any underpayment” of tax. Anyone who had overpaid tax was advised not to cash any cheques they had received.

HMRC has admitted that duplicate entries for workers were a significant cause of its latest errors.

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