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Postal Strikes could mean problems for taxpayers

By December 12, 2014June 14th, 2017No Comments

This means that taxpayers filing a tax return for the year 2008/09 need to stop dithering over the filling in of the form and post it as soon as possible.


Taxpayers have until 31st October to file their return, which is less than 5 weeks away but the postal problems may wreck their chances of doing on time if they leave it to the last minute.


Currently there are only certain regions affected but there are still week long delays in these areas with The Communication Workers Union balloting on a national stoppage.


October 31st falls on a Saturday this year and so, HMRC has said they will accept any returns received by Monday 2nd November as having been filed on time.


However this means that any returns received on Tuesday 3rd November, or after this date, will be hit by a late filing penalty of £100.


KinsellaTax will be upset if any of their clients get a fine due to the poor quality of service currently being offered by the Royal Mail.


We advise that anyone sending a return into the Revenue by post should always get a receipt of postage to use as evidence that their return was indeed sent with ample time for it to be delivered safely.


No doubt the Revenue will use the postage strikes to their advantage to get extra money from taxpayers.