How Do I Make An HMRC Tax Disclosure?

A tax disclosure is used to rectify instances where an individual or business has failed to declare earnings or additional income to HMRC.

There may be a number of different reasons why you need to make a disclosure; some unintentional through a simple mistake or some intentional such as deliberately falsifying records or trying to hide undeclared income.

HMRC’s search for undeclared income and gains is growing by the day and so is the need for people to iron out their tax issues.

If you need to resolve your tax affairs, make a disclosure, or you need honest advice, KinsellaTax are here to help.

We can advise on the following types of disclosure services to rectify your problems as quickly as possible:

For advice on how to make your tax disclosure, call KinsellaTax on 0800 471 4546 and speak to one of our team. We offer a free confidential consultation where we can assess the situation and explain the options available.


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