Bamford’s name was expected to make an appearance on the new list of Tory peers last week after he was personally nominated by new Prime Minister, David Cameron.


Each nomination has to have their affairs thoroughly examined by The House of Lords Appointments Commission but HMRC have failed to support it.


Sir Anthony, one of Britain’s richest men with an estimated fortune of £950million, has donated more than £1.5million to Cameron’s party which includes £86,000 of personal donations and £10,000 worth of helicopter rides.


As part of the process HMRC tells The House of Lords Appointments Commission whether they can support the application, something which has not happened in Bamford’s case.


Although there are no reports that Bamford has been involved in any wrongdoing, he has apparently asked for his name to be withdrawn from the list of new Tory peers.


However, this is said to have been voluntarily due to business commitments.


A spokesman for Bamford has said that he is unaware of their being any concerns over his tax affairs.


Only time will tell in this matter but there surely has to be some reason as to why HMRC have felt unable to support this nomination.


Although, if Bamford does become under scrutiny for his tax affairs, it is more than likely to be a well publicised investigation.

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