If a letter from HMRC has landed on your doorstep quoting ‘Public Notice 160’ you could be in serious trouble and suspected of VAT Fraud.

VAT fraud investigations HMRC will issue a PN 160 VAT investigation when they suspect that serious misconduct or VAT fraud has occurred.

A charge of dishonesty can be given.

Professionals, such as accountants or lawyers, cannot afford the stigma of this type of investigation, especially if they belong to professional bodies where complaints can be made about whether they have acted professionally or not.

Although you do not have to attend an HMRC meeting under a PN 160, HMRC expect you to fully co-operate with them.

KinsellaTax do not allow clients to meet with HMRC tax inspectors during an investigation, unless they are legally required to do so.

We believe that HMRC meetings add additional stress to an already extremely worrying time.

We will always fully co-operate with HMRC on a clients’ behalf, providing that the information HMRC request is necessary  and they are permitted by law to ask for it.

Our  experts know your rights and we will fight to make sure you are treated fairly and courteously throughout.

A VAT fraud investigation is serious and anyone undergoing this by HMRC should have strong and reliable representation from the outset.

If you think HMRC suspect you of VAT fraud, or you have already received a letter from HMRC, you need to contact an expert IMMEDIATELY.

To put your mind at rest call KinsellaTax on 0800 471 4546 to speak to one of our many experts.


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