I need advice on a VAT investigation

The prospect of a VAT investigation can be a stressful one for any business, large or small.

Such investigations are usually instigated by a routine VAT inspection unearthing irregularities or other information which may indicate that there is something amiss with your VAT records.

You might also face a VAT investigation if an associated company is also under investigation and has been found to have any irregularities in their records.

HMRC are able to go back as far as 20 years to reclaim any lost VAT payments due to criminal or civil VAT fraud.

VAT fraud is an extremely serious matter that could lead to prosecution, so you should have experienced and reliable representation from the minute an investigation is opened.

Enter KinsellaTax – your VAT investigation team!

Our team consists of ex-HM Inspectors of Taxes and ex-HM Custom and Excise officers, who are vastly experienced in handling all types of VAT Investigations including:

We will not allow our clients to meet with HMRC during a VAT investigation, unless they are legally obligated to do so. Meetings add additional stress to an already traumatic experience.

Our specialists know your rights and we will ensure you are treated courteously throughout any investigation procedures conducted by HMRC. We deal with HMRC on a daily basis and know exactly how they operate.

Don’t suffer with a VAT investigation alone. Speak to the specialists today by calling KinsellaTax on 0800 471 4546.


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