A woman from North Yorkshire has been jailed for VAT Fraud 10 years after organising £12m VAT scam . . .

Jayne Mitchell, from Selby, led a gang of criminals to commit a huge Value Added Tax fraud involving the importation of vehicles.

Mitchell, together with 6 others, imported more than 7,000 new vehicles before selling them on through a series of fake companies with a turnover of more than £80m in two years.

HMRC officials said the vehicles were imported free of VAT, passed through the web of false companies before being eventually sold on to car dealerships across the UK.

However, many of the fake companies disappeared without paying the VAT due to HMRC.

“This fraud allowed Jayne Mitchell to live a luxurious lifestyle – she bought Ferraris, lavish properties, designer accessories and champagne lunches” said Regional Director of Criminal Investigation for HMRC, Peter Hollier.

Mitchell had a luxury home near Selby, where she originally hailed for, and another in Belgium where she was arrested.

The remaining 6 members of the gang pleaded guilty to creating and operating an illegal network of companies and received prison sentences ranging from between 12 and 30 months.

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