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I’m Under Tax Investigation, Who Will They Notify?

HMRC will only notify the taxpayer who is under tax investigation.

They will not send a letter to your boss or your neighbour or your second cousin twice removed.

However, if you are found guilty of tax evasion, under new rules from April 2010, HMRC may ‘name and shame’ taxpayers who have evaded more than £25,000.

Appoint an experienced tax investigation expert who will negotiate with HMRC and make sure you suffer no more degradation in your tax investigation and no public humiliation by being ‘named and shamed’.

It is your only chance.

Call 0800 471 4546 and speak to a HMRC Tax Investigation expert NOW.

As soon as you get that tax investigation letter appoint KinsellaTax to deal with it.

We will take the stress and strain away from your HMRC tax investigation.

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