The ever-increasing threat of a tax investigation by HMRC is becoming more and more of a worry for UK bosses…

According to a recent survey carried out by The Protection Gap, the greatest concern in the workplace for CEO’s is a potential tax investigation.

Over recent years, HMRC have opened enquiries into both individuals and businesses in an increasing manner.

These may be straightforward enquiries run by Local Compliance Offices or can be more serious tax investigations such as Code of Practice 9 or Section 144 tax enquiries.

And finally it seems that the threat of a potential tax investigation is finally beginning to affect the big bosses.

Despite the crippling effect the recent recession has had on our country, it seems that tax investigations by HMRC are still severely underestimated.

However, once you experience an enquiry into your tax affairs first-hand it is impossible to realise the truly life-changing effect it can have on your life.

Does one really have to endure the trauma associated with a tax investigation before they can relate to those who have already suffered?

KinsellaTax is here to stop anyone from bearing the brunt of an intrusive tax investigation by HMRC inspectors.

However big or small the issue may be, the moment you receive a brown envelope from HMRC bringing bad news of an HMRC enquiry you should contact KinsellaTax immediately.

Our dedicated tax investigation experts are here to take your call 24 hours a day and will do everything we possibly can to take away the stress and strain and let you come out the other side smiling.

Don’t delay, call 0800 471 4546 to speak to our advisors immediately.

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