The Cyclist


Dominic is his name,

Cycling is his game.

The car is staying in the drive,

Today he feels like a ride.


Dominic and his cycling friends,

Will soon be going round the bends.

London to Paris is their chosen route,

For this they will raise lots of loot.


The bikes are gleaming; spick and span,

Let’s hope it all goes to plan.

On the starting line they all wait,

For this very special cycling date.


Crowds are cheering on the pavement,

For this gruelling cycling engagement.

The starter’s gun signals the start,

For all those taking part.


Wheels are going round and round,

Making a strange whirring sound.

Covering the ground very quickly,

Everyone is cycling very briskly.


Here one minute, gone the next,

We’ll have to communicate by text.

Away in the distance and round the bends,

There goes Dominic and his cycling friends.

Margaret Carter

September 2011


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